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All Change ...

366 Words - Posted on 20th Feb 2017

A lot of the students that come to study here at the Rowden Atelier are looking to make a change in their lives. Some are looking for a complete career change, others to supplement their existing life with a newfound creative outlet. Some come for ... more

Student Work: Gideon Traas

483 Words - Posted on 14th Feb 2017

Meet Gideon Traas. Gideon came to Rowden from Holland a year ago to undertake the year-long Designer/Maker course. For his final piece he settled upon the idea of a pair of side tables, similar but different. The same shape and dimensions, and ... more

A Rowden Review - Neil Godden

1156 Words - Posted on 7th Feb 2017

A view of Rowden from the lake

This week we hear from Neil Godden, who has been a short course student here at Rowden. It is great when students come back to us to talk about their experiences here - and for anyone looking to embark on a Rowden journey of their own, it is a ... more

Make AND Break

413 Words - Posted on 3rd Feb 2017

One of the things we place a great deal of emphasis on here is the importance of breaks, not just to give our students regular, physical breaks from making, but also to give their minds a rest too. Whether it's a morning cuppa or taking a few minutes ... more

A Review of Rowden Atelier Short Courses

886 Words - Posted on 31st Jan 2017

Students posing for a blog post

Short Courses at Rowden: Heads UP! Below is a lovely review of our short course from Quentin who spent three weeks with us at the end of 2016 . I want to give you the dates of our one week Basics courses as this is where almost every one starts ... more

The Write Stuff

405 Words - Posted on 26th Jan 2017

Meet Raj... and his pencils If there is one thing cabinetmakers are good at it is obsessing. About the little things. The angle on a chisel, the straightness of a straight edge. But it’s not just the tools we use to make, what about those we use ... more

Review David Savage Workshops

254 Words - Posted on 23rd Jan 2017

In 2015 we ran a competition to find "The Most Deserving Young Woodworker in the U K" . Not the best but the one that had the most promise and clearly could do with a helping hand. The prize was a week at Rowden and a wonderful tool box made by Chris ... more

Feedback Friday - A Thoughtful Response

376 Words - Posted on 20th Jan 2017

Our newsletters gain much attention from avid readers within the woodworking community, and it is always a joy to read your thoughts. The enthusiasm and passion you show is second to none. We received one such response to a newsletter entitled ... more

David Savage Review

69 Words - Posted on 18th Jan 2017

Overview shot Oak dining table with letter carving

July 2016 Dear David and the team  We absolutely love our table! Thank you for all your thought, time, patience and hard work, not to mention the creativity that has gone into making iy a beautiful piece of furniture that we will treasure. ... more

Crafts Council Hothouse 2017 Matthew Duckworth

349 Words - Posted on 17th Jan 2017

Matthew Duckworth We are delighted to announce that one of our former students, Matthew Duckworth, has been selected to take part in the Crafts Council’s 2017 Hothouse programme. Hothouse is the Crafts Council’s creative and business ... more