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Woodworking Short Courses

316 Words - Posted on 23rd Jun 2017

Have you ever considered taking a furniture making course? If you have ever had the urge to get up close and personal with a beautiful piece of wood, then Rowden is the place for you. Whatever your interest or ability level, we run a series of ... more

Steam Bending

434 Words - Posted on 18th Jun 2017


The art of steam bending, beautifully executed by former Rowden student, Ben Rawlinson Steam Bending: Cabinetmakers learn to have a great affinity with wood. Its attractions are numerous. It is quite easy to work with compared to other materials ... more

…Because you never grow out of making models

387 Words - Posted on 14th Jun 2017

Models: Maquette made by Rowden student, Noel Gatehouse Making Models: When a cabinetmaker decides to make a new piece of furniture, it is clear that there is a lot of pressure to make sure it is a thing of beauty. It is not unusual to invest a ... more

Exotic Doesn’t Mean Unsustainable

332 Words - Posted on 11th Jun 2017

Exotic Needn't Mean Unsustainable: In the, unfortunately, not too distant past there was a general sense that the laws around the illegal felling of protected species of trees were just a nuisance. A nuisance that any old clever-socks furniture ... more

Making Your Own Veneers

443 Words - Posted on 4th Jun 2017

Making Your Own Veneers Veneers - Wood selection is arguably the most fundamental of decisions for a cabinetmaker. When planning a new piece of furniture, colour, grain patterns, use and avoidance of pips and knots, sap and heartwood, and burrs must ... more

Jewellery Boxes - part 1 - why?

229 Words - Posted on 1st Jun 2017

Steve Coonicks Sweet Chestnut, Walnut and Hornbeam box

Jewellery Boxes - part 1 - why? Jewellery Boxes: The jewellery box is the first piece of truly fine work done by all the students at Rowden. It comes right after, literally and metaphorically speaking, the massive workbench. And it is the first ... more

Woodworking short courses

166 Words - Posted on 24th May 2017

Woodworking short courses Here at Rowden, we offer a full range of woodworking short courses. Designed to suit all abilities, there are simple one-week courses covering tool sharpening or box making. There is even a chair making course. And for ... more

Does The World Really Need... A Piston-Fit Drawer!

273 Words - Posted on 22nd May 2017

Jamie Bradley student dovetail detail shot made from Padauk and Maple

Does The World Really Need... A Piston Fit Drawer! Ah, the piston-fit drawer. These days, there aren't many things that can't be done by a really clever machine. And as the cost of these machines falls each year, so their ability to encroach into ... more

Those Who Can ... Teach

266 Words - Posted on 18th May 2017

Daren working the scalpel

Those Who Can... Teach George Bernard Shaw has a lot to answer for. In Man and Superman he coined the phrase, “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach”. George Bernard Shaw was an idiot, what does he know! In fact there are countless ... more

Why Sometimes The Best Material for the Job is… MDF

344 Words - Posted on 14th May 2017

Why Sometimes The Best Material for the Job is… MDF Medium Density Fibreboard gets a pretty bad rap these days. It is the default substrate for some rather mediocre mass produced and short-lived furniture. But the problem is not the MDF. More ... more