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Furniture Making Short Courses at Rowden Atelier

309 Words - Posted on 23rd Mar 2017

Daren teaching students on our furniture making courses

Sign up for a Furniture Making Short Course Have you ever had an interest in woodwork? Perhaps you have a home workshop but are after some guidance from the experts? Or maybe you are thinking of a career change and furniture making has crossed your ... more

The Making of a Tail Vice

381 Words - Posted on 21st Mar 2017

Making A Tail Vice Once they have finished their initial basic projects, our students move on to making a work bench. This involves a number of challenges, not least the building and fitting of a tail vice. One of our tutors, Ed Wild, takes us ... more

The Art of Technical Drawing

316 Words - Posted on 17th Mar 2017

The Art of Technical Drawing We talk a lot about the importance of art and drawing here but one thing I haven't touched on so much is technical drawing. This is one area in which we encourage the students to add extra focus. We have always ... more

Christian O'Reilly

416 Words - Posted on 14th Mar 2017

Christian sitting on one of the benches he designed and made for the Beverley Art Gallery in Hull Christian O'Reilly Furniture Design It is always wonderful and extremely heartening to see our students complete the course here and then head off ... more

By George, that cat has guts

312 Words - Posted on 11th Mar 2017

Meet George, the cat I’m not sure exactly how long this little fella has been part of the Rowden family but, from the moment he arrived, there was never any doubt that George the cat was here to stay. He arrived, via Ed, in a cardboard box. So ... more

Become a Designer-Maker The Rowden Way - Stephen Hickman

458 Words - Posted on 9th Mar 2017

Steve's stunning Bistro Chairs and Table A review of the furniture making course For this blog, I am going to hand you over to one of our furniture making course students. Stephen Hickman. Steve has just completed the one year Designer-Maker course ... more

I want to press the ludicrous button

503 Words - Posted on 6th Mar 2017

Last week. we had a student at Rowden with a very smart car. It was a Testler and it had a button marked "Ludicrous". Tracey, who had the car, said if we had dry roads and a dual carriageway in North Devon she would show us what the button does. I ... more

The Measure of Things... (how to be accurate!)

298 Words - Posted on 24th Feb 2017

There’s accurate and then there’s Rowden accurate… You may think that twelve months is a good amount of time to learn the fine art of making high quality furniture. In fact, we are always impressed at how consistently our students achieve ... more

Looking for a career change ...

369 Words - Posted on 20th Feb 2017

Make the Leap A lot of the students that come to study here at the Rowden Atelier are looking to make a change in their lives. Some are looking for a complete career change, others to supplement their existing life with a newfound creative outlet ... more

Student Work: Gideon Traas

483 Words - Posted on 14th Feb 2017

Meet Gideon Traas. Gideon came to Rowden from Holland a year ago to undertake the year-long Designer/Maker course. For his final piece he settled upon the idea of a pair of side tables, similar but different. The same shape and dimensions, and ... more