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It's all in the Curve

292 Words - Posted on 29th Apr 2017

It's all in the Curve French Curves: In modern manufacturing and design, CAD software has largely taken over from traditional draughtsmanship as the primary mechanism for getting ideas out of the mental space into the visible realm. At Rowden we ... more

International Students

198 Words - Posted on 25th Apr 2017

Javier Echavarri Chairs

International student, Javier Echavarri brought a taste of Spain to Devon with his beautiful chairs Going International One of the things we are very proud of at Rowden is the number of international students our courses attract. Britain has a ... more

Join us for a woodworking Short Course

199 Words - Posted on 20th Apr 2017

Group photo

Join us for a woodworking short course Have you ever fancied taking part in a woodworking short course? If so, then why not take a look at what we have to offer. Rowden Atelier is an internationally renowned furniture school located in the heart of ... more

Time to call a Tape Amnesty

249 Words - Posted on 19th Apr 2017

Cabinetmakers use of tape

Time for a Tape Amnesty One of the things we supply students with here is tape - and lots of it. Masking, double-sided, sellotape, even gaffer.  Why? Because it is a vital piece of kit in any good cabinetmaker's arsenal. It is used for ... more

Using CAD

746 Words - Posted on 15th Apr 2017

Using CAD One of the key modules we have introduced to the Designer-Maker course here in recent years is CAD. Using Rhino, a 3D computer graphics and CAD application, we are able to teach our students the basic elements to get them started ... more

What is a Dimbleby?

303 Words - Posted on 9th Apr 2017

Students posing for a blog post

What is a Dimbleby? One of the things we don’t do at Rowden is sit the students down in a classroom and lecture them for hours on end. We think time spent being hands-on at the bench is much more productive. What we do offer, however, are ... more

The Rowden Experience

311 Words - Posted on 6th Apr 2017

students surf boards and wet suits

Life on Site One of the options we are able to offer students coming to study at the Rowden Atelier is the chance to live on-site. This is a great way to reduce the cost of living while studying here. In addition, it allows students to fully ... more

Student Work

229 Words - Posted on 29th Mar 2017

Gideon Traas table design made in Cherry, Ash and Sapelli

Student Work Round Up It is always wonderful to see a round up of student work. And to see just how quickly our students progress during the time they spend here. Most come to Rowden without any previous cabinetmaking experience; they really are ... more

Furniture Making Short Courses at Rowden Atelier

309 Words - Posted on 23rd Mar 2017

Daren teaching students on our furniture making courses

Sign up for a Furniture Making Short Course Have you ever had an interest in woodwork? Perhaps you have a home workshop but are after some guidance from the experts? Or maybe you are thinking of a career change and furniture making has crossed your ... more

The Making of a Tail Vice

381 Words - Posted on 21st Mar 2017

Making A Tail Vice Once they have finished their initial basic projects, our students move on to making a work bench. This involves a number of challenges, not least the building and fitting of a tail vice. One of our tutors, Ed Wild, takes us ... more