Woodwork Course Syllabus

Hand Tool Sharpening and Basic Use

Explore elements from our syllabus below, included in our variety of woodworking course options.

student sharpening his bench plane blade

  • SHARPENING saws, chisels, bench planes, shoulder planes, scrapers, and spoke shaves
  • SETTING UP AND USING BENCH PLANES so they work perfectly for you
  • SETTING UP AND USING PARING CHISELS so they work accurately for you
  • CHOPPING joints with a mallet

Sharpening stones for a furniture makers tools

  • USE OF MEASURING TOOLS to accurately mark out and measure accurately
  • SHOOTING boards, bench hooks, and mitre traps
  • DESIGNING AND MAKING rods and templates
  • USING SHOULDER PLANES, scrapers and scraper planes and setting up cabinet scrapers

Machine Basics

Sandra and Marysh working on the band saw together

  • USE OF radial arm and table saw
  • CHANGING BLADES, choice, honing and setting of blades
  • SAFE USE of planer and band saw
  • USE OF a biscuit jointer, bobbin and disc sander
  • SAFE USE OF SHARPENING and setting up of morticing machine
  • SAFE USE OF JOINTER, lathe, spindle turning and moulder

A photograph of our woodwork course bench making project (2 of 4)

  • USE OF straight fences on spindle
  • USE OF ring fences and template collars
  • USE OF templates and jigs
  • JIG THINKING and jig design
  • BATCH PRODUCT DESIGN and costing

Students stack of wood ready for a new project

  • TIMBER basics
  • TIMBER advanced
  • PURCHASING advice
  • TIMBER STORAGE and drying


furniture making course students are invited to life drawing classes

  • USE OF WATERCOLOURS for client presentation drawings
  • USE OF MODELS and maquettes
  • DRAWING from observation

Our creative course covers rendering with a variety of mediums

  • DRAWING in perspective
  • DESIGN and proportion
  • USE OF templates and jigs
  • 3-D THINKING and shaping


Our introduction projects help students get stuck in with their hands

  • BUTT joinery
  • DOVETAIL and lapped dovetail joinery
  • MITRES and scribes

Carcass Construction and Carcass Design

Drawing is a main focus within the design aspect of our courses

  • TABLE DESIGN a series of 10
  • DRAWER MAKING a series of 5
  • CHAIR DESIGN a series of 6
  • DOOR MAKING a series of 6
  • HINGING, cutting, and fitting
  • DOOR STOPS and catches
  • FRAME AND PANEL construction
  • EDGE JOINTING and mitres
  • DOWELS and mortice and tenon
  • DOVETAILS and cross halving
  • DADOS and housings

Use of Cramps and Clamps

The Glue Up Process
  • GLUES and choice of correct glue
  • GLUE UP techniques

Laminating: the appropriate use of

  • SELECTION of material
  • CUTTING laminates
  • DESIGN and making moulds
  • USE WITH cramps

Clamps in formation for our glue up processes

  • USE OF vacuum press
  • USE OF daylight press
  • KERF laminating
  • STEAM bending

Veneering by hand, with a press

Big sheets of veneer ready for a designer makers project

  • SELECTION of veneers
  • DECORATIVE veneer lay ups
  • JOINTING of veneers
  • PREPARATION of ground work
  • PRE AND POST lipping
  • DESIGN for veneering
  • POST PRESSING operations
  • USING hot glue


Marquetry design on a dining table

  • CUTTING and preparing pad
  • SEPARATING and taping up

Surface Polishing

A student Oils his bench components


Paul Chilton waxing his hall table component

  • SHELLACING and French polishing
  • OIL polishing

Client management and workshop management

David Savage in a lecture for students

  • CLIENT drawings
  • POST STUDIO picture handling
  • TIME management
  • PRODUCT COSTING and product pricing

Photo equipment ready at hand to give professional product photography

  • DESIGN of workshop and machine shop
  • FIRST STEPS in setting up
  • WORKSHOP marketing
  • DEVELOPMENT and use of a web site
  • DIRECT marketing
  • PUBLIC relations
  • CORPORATE Identity and Branding

Our creative course gives students the confidence to design

  • ATTENDING exhibitions
  • USE OF galleries and craft outlets
  • DELIVERY and referrals

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