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Stop faffing about!

344 Words - Posted on 20th Jul 2018

It all adds up It's not always easy to explain to a client why a piece of furniture takes weeks to make.  Many a client, I am sure, looks at us makers and thinks what an easy life we must have. A life whittling away at a piece of wood, gazing at ... more

Arts & Crafts

369 Words - Posted on 12th Jul 2018

Cabinetmakers and cabinetmaking are firmly established as being quintessentially craftsmen/craftspeople.  Craft can be distilled into being described as the creative process of making something useful. As opposed to art which is, in essence, the ... more

Whether the weather be good...

365 Words - Posted on 9th Jul 2018

students surfing gear at rowden

whether the weather be bad Now you may not know this, but we Brits love to talk about the weather. And, to be fair, we get more of it than most so there’s plenty to talk about. Mostly we talk about the rain. We are an island, so with the ... more

Knees: How safe are yours?

380 Words - Posted on 5th Jul 2018

Standing Firm If you’re going to stand on your feet all day you’d better make sure you look after your knees. Happy knees mean a happy back. Happy back mean more furniture being made. Happy knees, happy back, happy life. That’s (nearly) how ... more

Furniture Making Short Courses at Rowden

140 Words - Posted on 30th Jun 2018

 Rowden: A place to learn Here at Rowden Atelier, we run a number of one-week furniture making short courses throughout the year. These courses are designed to either be standalone, or to provide an introduction for those considering joining us ... more

Brilliant light

360 Words - Posted on 28th Jun 2018

Rowden Atelier fine furniture making school

Let there be... Now, depending on where you are in the world, it might not be the middle of Summer, but there are days here when it sure feels like we are.  Summers in the UK are not actually like many people in the UK imagine Summers to be ... more

Master cabinetmaker?

267 Words - Posted on 24th Jun 2018

daren teaching 4

A place to learn While it is clear a year spent at Rowden is a concentrated year of learning, it would be a sad state of affairs if anyone were to leave thinking they knew everything about everything. It would be like Picasso peaking with his real ... more

Repeat after me

357 Words - Posted on 21st Jun 2018

One of the abiding memories of my time at Rowden was just how slow I seemed to be at everything. And while I wasn’t appreciably slower (or faster) than any of the other students, to get something right took an inordinate amount of time. It ... more

Fabrizio Lo Faro - More is the new less

264 Words - Posted on 18th Jun 2018

Tage Stool by Fabrizio Lo Faro Because cabinetmakers aren’t machines, and because they tend to obsess about every detail, handmade furniture is way more expensive than anything mass produced, and so it should be.  Most of the cost of producing ... more

Working for yourself...

383 Words - Posted on 12th Jun 2018

is not the same as working on your own Well, that may be obvious to many, but not necessarily to everyone.  Over the years we’ve met a good number of cabinetmakers, many of whom trained at Rowden, who set up workshops for themselves. With ... more