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Rowden woodworking short courses

160 Words - Posted on 30th Sep 2017

tool chest above shot

Rowden woodworking short courses If you have ever fancied spending a few days - or even a few months - immersed in the world of woodworking, then Rowden could be the place for you. We run a series of short courses covering everything from the ... more

Dovetail Days

278 Words - Posted on 30th Sep 2017

Will Newman's one month course cabinet

Dovetail Days Here at Rowden, we are always delighted to hear from other makers around the world, not least because, more often than not, their experiences are so similar to our own. So, thanks for getting in touch, Barry. Over to you... Hi, ... more

It's not just a cup of tea

347 Words - Posted on 28th Sep 2017

It’s not just a cup of tea You’d think it would be enough to be able to create a business out of doing something you love. Furniture designer-makers should count their blessings that we spend our day at the bench, working hard to produce items ... more

You don't have to be rich to rule my world

309 Words - Posted on 26th Sep 2017

Jon and Kathy at the bench

You don't have to be rich to rule my world In any typical year, Rowden can expect to see between thirty and forty students participate in courses running from one week to a year, sometimes more, rarely less. With such a number, it should be no ... more

Age is just a number

216 Words - Posted on 20th Sep 2017

Rowden Atelier surrounding area

Age is just a number There is no wrong time to become a cabinetmaker. Here at Rowden, we see students of all ages all successfully complete the courses they attend. It seems to us that if the desire is there, then there is nothing to hold you back ... more

Time for a good old BBQ

204 Words - Posted on 17th Sep 2017

Time for a good old BBQ While we can't claim to be quite as obsessed about a good old BBQ as our friends in Australia, we're not far off. Here at Rowden there is always at least one student looking for the perfect excuse to down tools, put on an ... more

On the run

348 Words - Posted on 12th Sep 2017

On the run I was back up in the North East this weekend to take part in the 2017 Great North Run. And what an event it was. The run was devised by former Olympic 10,000m bronze medalist and BBC Sport commentator  (and one of my heroes), Brendan ... more

The best three months of your life (maybe)!

304 Words - Posted on 6th Sep 2017

The best three months of your life (maybe)! There have been a number of students taking up the three-month course here recently. And it is not hard to see why it has become so popular. Thirteen weeks is a fantastic length of time to really immerse ... more

The View from the Attic : The Dog Blog

445 Words - Posted on 3rd Sep 2017

The Dog Blog David’s dogs, Bilbo & Layla, are very much a part of life at Rowden. In fact, Bilbo was actually born here on March 13th 2003. Although he is now an elderly gentleman, he still enjoys a trundle around the workshops, especially at ... more

Furniture Making Short Courses at Rowden

236 Words - Posted on 30th Aug 2017

Jon teaching katherine on a furniture making course

Furniture Making Short Courses at Rowden Rowden has a considerable reputation for its one-year course. It is here that students are trained to make extremely high quality fine furniture, irrespective of of any previous experience. Perhaps not so ... more