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Not all imaginations leap...

287 Words - Posted on 22nd May 2018

and some leap too far! As a designer maker, it usually makes sense to market yourself through a fairly narrow lens. This can be frustrating at times when the training at Rowden gives you the skills to make pretty much anything in any style, from ... more


396 Words - Posted on 19th May 2018

Constraints: Possibly the first and most fundamental constraint that anyone involved in craftsmanship experiences lies at the heart of the art and craft debate. I.e. that art is utterly useless whereas craft is, at its core, useful. Switch this ... more

Flaws? Says who!

333 Words - Posted on 15th May 2018

Just go with it... If you’re over forty or fifty you’ll probably remember films where no-one would fault you if you suggested Robert Redford was a rather handsome chap (millennials will just have to use their imagination!) He was, and arguably ... more

Woodworking Short Courses

164 Words - Posted on 12th May 2018

Jon and Kathy at the bench

Woodworking Short Courses For many, coming to Rowden Atelier to study furniture making is a complete change of lifestyle or career. It is a rather unique opportunity to 'take a break from life', to envelop themselves in the Rowden bubble in the ... more

Career Courier - Against Delivering Furniture by Courier

336 Words - Posted on 10th May 2018

Career Courier Aren’t couriers amazing?! You buy stuff off the Internet and before you know it, a friendly face comes knocking at your door with a parcel full of things you definitely needed. It’s just so easy. And you don’t even have to tip ... more

Specialising doesn’t mean missing out

272 Words - Posted on 3rd May 2018

The next step? One of the hardest things a new cabinetmaker has to decide is exactly what they want to do with their lives. (By the way, this probably isn’t limited to cabinetmakers!) Trust wood to be so versatile that you could as easily find ... more

Seeing the Woods and the Trees

276 Words - Posted on 29th Apr 2018

Seeing the Woods and the Trees I’m not normally one of those people who will stop and listen to a charity salesperson. I know the charities I like to help, and I know where to find them. It might seem a bit rough on those earnest folk looking to ... more

Life in a caravan: Man (and woman) cannot live on bread alone.

263 Words - Posted on 27th Apr 2018

Back in the day, when I was a Rowden student living in a caravan , it has to be said the facilities were rudimentary, to say the least. Rowden’s facilities included an outside toilet, a shower up at the farm, a kettle and a fridge. Even then ... more

Wood: Dry, dryer, driest

300 Words - Posted on 22nd Apr 2018

wood stack

Dry, dryer, driest We’ve noticed recently that wood that has been coming to Rowden, and to our own workshop, has had noticeably variable moisture content. This is most noticeable when it relates to native species and very small woodyards, though ... more

Oak: how do you like yours?

298 Words - Posted on 18th Apr 2018

Oak: how do you like yours? Here in the UK, oak has had good times and bad times. A once proud and highly sort after timber has been put through the mill recently by companies who have sought to use oak to mass produce the cheapest, nastiest, most ... more