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Furniture Making Short Courses

186 Words - Posted on 16th Mar 2018

Furniture Making Short Courses Here at Rowden we offer a wide range of furniture making short courses designed to suit all abilities. From a simple weekend course, to a week or even a month, we have plenty to offer. The Tool Basics course takes ... more


273 Words - Posted on 13th Mar 2018

Rowden Atelier surrounding area

Wheels Our van has just completed it’s 150 thousandth mile! Not all with us mind you, in fact just about 50k have been in the faithful service of our little company. Jonathan, being a mathsy ex-accountant type of chap, has worked out that it has ... more

Workspace: Softly Softly...

299 Words - Posted on 11th Mar 2018

Workspace: Softly Softly... When we found the former chicken shed that was to become our workshop we decided, along with the three other makers that were going to be bench renting, that our workspace needed to be warm. And while it had a 4-inch ... more

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

251 Words - Posted on 7th Mar 2018

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow OK, so me and snow don’t always get along - maybe if it were a bit more Colorado and a bit less Cornwall then I could get more excited! Not so Jonathan. He starts acting like a big kid the first sign of a ... more

In praise of the humble block plane

244 Words - Posted on 28th Feb 2018

In praise of the humble block plane I seem to remember the boys on the course while I was at Rowden spent many an hour ruminating on the pros and cons of the no.6 and no.7 bench planes. The no.6 fore plane, being a little smaller at about 45cm, was ... more

Rowden Life: Doing it in style

353 Words - Posted on 25th Feb 2018

Rowden Life: Doing it in style Anyone who is driven to live and work in the creative arts is likely to have certain traits that separate them from the norm. Many of the students at Rowden have left comfortable jobs, and even more comfortable ... more

Now there’s cooking, and there’s cooking

295 Words - Posted on 21st Feb 2018

Now there’s cooking, and there’s cooking Sure, I can knock out a stir fry and a pretty good curry (it's in the genes!) and no-one in the family has ever had anything like food poisoning on my watch, so I’d call that a win. I can hold my head ... more

Relatively accurate

322 Words - Posted on 18th Feb 2018

Relatively accurate Now I know we’ve been banging on long enough about getting accurate dimensions to within 0.25mm or 0.1mm, depending on the context, but one thing we’ve never really discussed is who decides how long a centimetre is, or many ... more

Like Buses...

271 Words - Posted on 16th Feb 2018

Like Buses... Now I don’t think it’s a stretch to describe cabinetmakers as a creative bunch. It kind of goes with the territory, especially for those that consider themselves designer-makers. For some students at Rowden, studying furniture ... more

Weather (With February comes the sun!)

253 Words - Posted on 10th Feb 2018

With February comes the sun! I have to say weather-wise, it has been a pretty miserable January here in Blighty. The UK has been basically windy, rainy, stormy, and grey for almost the entire month. We even had a few flakes of snow this week, which ... more