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Like mindedness

292 Words - Posted on 31st Oct 2018

Common goals or an alignment of interests are usually a good thing in any organisation. They ensure that the people involved operate in harmony and that all the energy is applied to the task at hand. In a reasonably sized corporation though, quite ... more


448 Words - Posted on 21st Oct 2018

Plan A In a previous life, every morning I would go for a run, and I’d see a small group of Japanese ladies going through their daily exercise routine, called Rajio Taisou. I know this because one day I actually stopped and asked. They even let me ... more

Good enough?

269 Words - Posted on 17th Oct 2018

Making it... Here at Rowden, we have a pair of facing walls in our rec space covered, and I mean covered, with images of student work. If you go to our website, you’ll find a gallery of student work too. Check it out here. Pretty much without ... more

Work smarter rather than work harder

491 Words - Posted on 11th Oct 2018

Work smarter rather than work harder For most people, the concept of "working smarter, not harder," coined by Allan Mogensen, the creator of work simplification, has developed from a simple, inspirational imperative, to an overused, ambiguous ... more


464 Words - Posted on 3rd Oct 2018

Jonathan Walter from Bark Furniture

Yes, but why? A few weeks ago I wrote a blog explaining my reasons for changing careers and becoming a cabinetmaker. It seems there are as many original stories as there are makers, and it is a line we’ll come back to periodically as I think it ... more


385 Words - Posted on 1st Oct 2018

Collaborations: Why collaborate? We were talking about the symbiotic relationship between David and Daren, where the creative imagination of one is matched by the interpretative abilities of the other, and the remarkable results that have been ... more

Buying Tools: All the gear, no idea

556 Words - Posted on 28th Sep 2018

Do you remember growing up when you’d save like mad for something? Your first ever guitar, or a skateboard, or a plastic pony! It wouldn’t be the best, but it would be cheap! And it would be yours. And then it’d break and someone you might want ... more

Workmanship of risk...

399 Words - Posted on 26th Sep 2018

David Savage furniture design - Honduras Rosewood Chaise lounge

The Dynamic Duo A week or so ago, I suggested that a maker cutting their teeth in the real world should design a piece that avoids creating excessive risk. Risk, that is, to the maker, as chances are the piece will not only be a total nightmare ... more

Furniture Making Short Courses

193 Words - Posted on 23rd Sep 2018

biz class

Short Courses at Rowden Rowden has a longstanding reputation for its one-year course, where our students  are trained to make the highest quality fine furniture. Some have a little experience, others have none at all. But  all are united by a love ... more

On the straight and narrow

446 Words - Posted on 19th Sep 2018

A straight edge means a flat surface There is something of an obsession at Rowden about the use of straight edges. If I’m honest, there’s something of an obsession about just about everything to do with making here, which is as it should be. But ... more