A Great Former Student: A Makers Year 86

198 Words - Posted on 22nd July 2015

Ian's Vanity unit

A Great Former Student: A Makers Year 86

It is a delight to be able to honestly rave about the work of a student, I wish that i could do this a lot more often . But genuine ambition, talent and hard work are a very rare combination.


ian vanity banner slider

Ian Milne is a name you may not know ….YET. He is probably one of the most interesting young furniture makers I have had the pleasure of working with in the past 40 years.

The piece I am showing you today is his first major piece, It was made whilst on his first year with us at Rowden. Its made in English walnut  and has all the hallmarks of an ambitious but strong first piece.

This is a piece for Ians mum . A dressing table vanity unit. The mirrors swivel to allow Mrs Milne to see herself from three angles. The use of walnut is stunning the french polish near perfect.



Ian's Vanity unit


Look at the use of blue fabric tape at the back to pull the corset into place on the drawers to give a gentle feminine drawer pull.

Tomorrow I will show you what Ian did next.



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