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This brand new saw was made especially for us at Rowden Atelier Fine Furniture Makers in collaboration with the highly-regarded Greyhound Saws. This is a small, delicate heritage hand saw is perfect for drawer dovetailing and small carcass work. The tool offers a 8-inch saw plate with an overall length of 13 inches, and a plate depth of 1.5 inches, with a 18 TPI toothline. The front inch and a half of the toothline is 22TPI, to help create a smooth start to the cut. You will achieve a fine, delicate kerf with this high-quality dovetail saw.

The saw features a solid rosewood handle positioned with a “high hang” suitable for this type of specialist saw, being reminiscent of the best-shaped saw handles from the likes of Disston, Groves and other reputed makers.

We soon hope to develop a carcase saw to complement this beautiful small saw.

Fits hands up to 3.25 inches across. Custom orders are available for larger sizes.

David Savage

David Savage

David Savage is a master craftsman and the inspiration behind Rowden Atelier. It is his ideals and his lifetime link with the Arts and Crafts movement, which drives our ethics and our quality. Published author and globally renowned maker in the bespoke luxury furniture business.
David Savage

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