David Savage is a bespoke furniture designer and maker with over 30 years experience. Here at Rowden Farm woodworking Atelier we offer professional standard woodworking courses and furniture design courses at our internationally renowned woodworking school, as well as designing and making bespoke luxury furniture.
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Woodworking is more than just a trade for us, it's a passion and our livelihood.

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Cabinetmakers Bench : A Makers Year 14:

BENCH PREPARATION   Surfacing your bench and truing your vices is one of those regular tasks that cabinet makers give themselves. We do it either at the end of a […]

A Makers Year

A MAKERS YEAR This is a very scary e-mail for me. Have you ever hear the expression “Hung by the tongue” well that is what I am about to do […]

dimblebies and wiggly cabinets

The subject for this weeks series of Dimblebies.. Sorry, whats a Dimblebie? Named after a series of lectures commemorating the famous British journalist a Dimblebie is a small workshop lecture. […]

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