David Savage is a bespoke furniture designer and maker with over 30 years experience. Here at Rowden Farm woodworking Atelier we offer professional standard woodworking courses and furniture design courses at our internationally renowned woodworking school, as well as designing and making bespoke luxury furniture.
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In Pursuit Of Imperfection 7 : A Walnut table to be polished

Polishing a Walnut Dining table I have this table with me in the studio. Its taking an age to polish. I wanted a stronger surface that Danish oil gives as […]

In Pursuit Of Imperfection 5 : Artists Sable Watercolour Brushes

The cyber monday 2015 only catch beats by dre cyber monday is, black friday 2015 you should black friday 2015 know beats by dre cyber monday 2015 why their black […]

In Pursuit Of Imperfection 4 : Chris Schwarz to Rowden

Chris Schwarz to Rowden Chris came to Rowden this August and its now November, so its taken me some time to assimilate the effect he has had upon Rowden, and […]

In Pursuit Of Imperfection 3 : Drawing. Why Bother

Drawing . I sent this e-mail this evening to a lady who was asking about the drawing side of what we do here at Rowden . I thought it might […]

The Travelling Anarchists Tool Chest : Contents No 11. Dovetail Saws

Dovetail Saws These little dovetail saws get quite a bit of use . They are finer than any machine saw, drawer making and carcase joinery get done quite a lot […]

In Pursuit Of Imperfection 2 : Polishing with Finest Finishing Jollop. part 1

I have these two great big boards of French Walnut in my studio . They have been carefully fashioned to go together . Sequential boards from a veneer quality log […]

The Travelling Anarchists Tool Chest : Contents No 10 Bench Planes

This will be Political .Bench Planes always are. I have, I must admit, asked Matthew at Workshop Heaven to donated here. I will, where I can afford it, buy tools […]

The Travelling Anarchists Tool Chest : Contents No 9 Bobs tools

I hear of good people sending Chris tools to help young makers. Most of us have too many tools, I am still buying tools at 66 and giving lots away […]

The Travelling Anarchists Tool Chest : Contents No 8 Panel Saws

Panel Saws huh? Well I have got a few handsaws. A superb old Disston 10pt hangs on my wall gathering dust. I just got out of the habit of using […]

The Travelling Anarchists Tool Chest : Contents No 7 Hammers

I know , we all know about hammers. When I earned cash dismantling exhibitions at Earls Court Exhibition Centre in London in 1978 the deal was this . We meet […]

The Travelling Anarchists Tool Chest : Contents No 6 Dividers

There was a time I struggled with numbers . I never enjoyed Maths at school and could never run a business but for the invention of the calculator and the […]

The Travelling Anarchists Tool Chest and Contents No 6 Block Planes.

Block Planes Putting a block plane into a chest of tools for a young Professional maker . If you know someone who could win this £4000 prize send them HERE   […]

Travelling Anarchist Tool Chest and Contents no. 5: Measuring Tools

LUCKY WINNER Boy,…… The lucky person who wins this tool chest is going to get a treat. Not only, great historic chest made by Chris Schwarz. This one of the […]

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