David Savage is a bespoke furniture designer and maker with over 30 years experience. Here at Rowden Farm woodworking Atelier we offer professional standard woodworking courses and furniture design courses at our internationally renowned woodworking school, as well as designing and making bespoke luxury furniture.
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A Makers Year 93 – Chris Schwarz Summer School

Here it is. Chris Schwarz is in the building and everyone is busy busy busy. A quick introduction. Whilst David is pre-occupied with keeping everything running smoothly and getting stuck […]

Student Furniture Makers Work: A Maker Year 92

Student Furniture Makers Work Paul came a long way to spend a year with us at Rowden. He came all the way around the world with his partner Gemma from […]

Photo Shoot: A Makers Year 90

“We are all in a giant photo competition Dave” These were the words of Garry Knox Bennet one of the most famous American contemporary furniture makers. Even though in his […]

Chest Making and Veneering Tools: A Makers Year 91

Tools for Two Week Summer School O K we are gathering all the tools needed. Our guests will have a tool box each available to them ( if you need […]

Veneering with Hide Glue: A Makers Year 89

Daren has of course galloped ahead and nearly finished his really tricky dry layup. I say really tricky buts thats only for you and me. Daren has magical skills that […]

Garnet Paper and Natural Japanese Sharpening Stones. A Makers Year 88

Garnet Paper and Natural Japanese Sharpening Stones.   We did use to use an abrasive called garnet papers when sanding components. These were nice pale brown sheets of abrasive with […]

Chair making …. : A Maker Year 53

I promised this yesterday and failed, sorry we have been busy.  The workshop is firing on all guns now. The chairs are being built around us by Shainic and Giles […]

A Wonderful Former Student : A Makers Year 87

    Ian Milnes Part two After making the Vanity unit Ian started on a chair. most people do a simple chair before going into a complex chair. Thats the […]

A Great Former Student: A Makers Year 86

  A Great Former Student: A Makers Year 86 It is a delight to be able to honestly rave about the work of a student, I wish that i could do […]

Veneering with Animal Glue: A Makers Year 85

    Veneering with Animal Glue:  A Makers Year 85 Well, we are making some progress.  Daren was in over the weekend to put these veneers together for the interior […]

Veneering with hot glue A Makers Year 84

Summer School Latest News Up to our ears in Tulip Wood or Magnolia depending on where you come from. Never mind the name we have stacks of it filling up […]

Tools for Veneering : A Makers Year 83

Tools For Veneering We are preparing for the two week summer school with Chris  at the end of August. We are realising that so many specialist tools are needed and […]

Table Top Design: A Makers Year. 82

A Makers Year 81 Table Top Design I have this lovely client called Daniella, with whom i have worked  before, she has asked me to make a dining table for […]

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