Established in 1983 by David Savage, Rowden Atelier offer professional-standard woodworking courses and furniture design courses at our internationally renowned woodworking school. As a leading fine furniture maker, we also design and make bespoke luxury furniture for our clients.

Make your passion your livelihood

“The lifeblood of the Arts & Crafts movement passes through the workshop of  Rowden Atelier”

“They push students to do a high level of work that is rarely seen today. They prepare students for a lifetime of making with classes in handwork, machine work, drawing, design and business.

After working with the students at the school for two weeks, I’m quite impressed. The woodworkers enrolled in the school’s 50-week program were fast, devilishly accurate and serious about the craft, sucking up every bit of information offered. And then looking for more.

My only regret is that I didn’t have a school like this when I was 21 and crazy to make things with my hands. If you are looking to design and make furniture, it’s worth the trip. It’s worth the money. It’s worth your time.”

Christopher Schwarz – Director, Lost Art Press

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